• SKA, Meerkat sites near to Loxton - an ideal trip to make for the star gazing enthusiasts.
  • Khoisan Rock Art: Rock engravings at Kafferskraal, Taaibosfontein
  • Wildlife - Karoo National Park:where you will experience vast, welcoming silence, and see animals like the mountain zebra, oryx, springbok and red hartebeest. Lions were recently released in Karoo National Park for the first time after an absence of almost 170 years from the area, also a sanctuary for the endangered black rhino and riverine rabbit.
  • Game Farms - Visit various game farms in the area.
  • Corbelled Houses: Various farms around Loxton and just outside the town of Carnarvon at Stuurmansfontein are some fine examples.
  • Nearby towns: Victoria West, Canavron
  • Day Trips: to various interesting Karoo towns - Vosburg - Bushman Paintings, De Aar - Olive Schreiner House - writer of The Story of an African Farm.
  • Area of Williston - Corbelled Houses, Sand Stone Church, Anglo Boer War Blockhouse.
  • Beaufort West - Christian Barnard Museum -famous for performing the world's first successful human-to-human heart transplant. Dine at Suretta's Eatery - An all time favourite is slow cooked Karoo lamb