Escape the fast pace and experience the peace, and healing silence of the arid Great Karoo, explore the nostalgic villages of a bygone era. The Karoo’s clear dark nights offer some of the best stargazing in the world.

Corbel houses built from stacked rough-hewn stone, such architectural heritage is unique to this part of the Karoo.  The corbelled house is regarded as the first architectural style in  the nortwest Karoo. Examples of these houses may be seen on the farm Arbeidersfontein, in the direction of Carnarvon, and along the Fraserburg road at Janklaasleegte.

A site near Carnarvon has been chosen for the construction from 2009 of MeerKAT, an array of 50 or more 12m diameter radio dishes, a pilot project for the massive Square Kilometre Array telescope.

The Karoo is also one of the few, and best, places in the world where fossils are found, as well as rock art in caves from the first known human inhabitants, the San Bushmen.

Snow images top left: taken 15 July 2012 - Loxton in wonderland